November 2015

WordPress: Best Plugin to improve your website speed in google

Today I wasted many hours to increase my website’s speed in google PageSpeed insights but I could not. I was in red color. But then I found following plugin that surprisingly increased my page speed. And now that website entered in Green on google:

Plugin: GZip Ninja Speed


Further I would like to share my final .htaccess file to you. May that can […]

WordPress: Best Plugins to migrate website form one hosting to another hosting

Alright! Today I found an awesome, very useful and time saving plugin that can save your a lot of time if you are willing to migrate your wordpress website from one server to remote server.

Just install this plugin: Welcome to WP Clone by WP Academy

First install this plugin in first server.

Take backup and copy url of zip file of created backup.

Install […]

PHP: how to display tweets on a webpage using php?

This simple tutorial will show how to display twitter tweets using custom php.
Step 1: Download tweet-php from whereever you want.

Step2: Add following code before the section where you want to display tweets:

After filling above fields properly you may use can fetch details as like below:


PHP: How to force user to download file using php?

Source: […]