Fix SQL Error: GROUP BY incompatible with sql_mode=only_full_group_by

MySQL 5.7.5+ changed the GROUP BY behavior. So in this and future versions GROUP BY would not work in same way as it used to be before.

So to make GROUP BY feature working like before follow these details:

Note: First of all to follow these steps you must need to have root access to your server.

If you want to disable error sql_mode=only_full_group_by  […]

PHP: How to fix Image rotation issue in img tag because of EXIF

Photos captured by some smartphones especially iPhones are automatically rotated when we use it in <img> tag which is mostly not acceptable as we don’t need such unwanted rotation. This happens because of EXIF Data stored in that image. But we can easily fix it using PHP by following these steps:

Or you can also fix it with just one line […]

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How to remove index.php from codeigniter in UBUNTU?

This tutorial will show you that how to remove index.php from codeigniter in UBUNTU or how to enable url rewriting.

Step 1 :

Add this in htaccess file

Step 2 :

Remove index.php in codeigniter config

Step 3 :

Allow overriding htaccess in Apache Configuration (Command)

and edit the file & change to

for www folder

Step 4 :

Enabled apache mod rewrite (Command)

Step 5 :

Restart Apache (Command)

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Angular.js How to remove hash from url?


.htaccess file in root directory:

In this mode you can use links without the # in HTML files

Link in Browser:

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