Cordova: How to download file and get download progress?


Cordova: How to check if a file exists or not?

Above code works for both files and directories.

For Full article with extended features visit Following:
Cordova Sample: Check for a file and download if it isn’t there

Click here for Complete Documentation of cordova.file plugin


Cordova: How to get list of all Files/Directories in a directory?

Tested in Android.

Click here for more details.

Another link Mobile File Explorer with PhoneGap/Cordova has examples. […]

Cordova: How to create directory?

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How to get Base64Image from input type file?

Live Demo: […]

How to access Query String Values using Javascript?

Following function is very useful to easily access url paramters ( query string values).

Source: […]

jQuery: How to open specific links in new tab having specific url?

Just put following code in your javascript file and It will pick all links globally from your website and will open them in a new tab. Don’t forget to replace url with your own website’s url.


PHP: How to force to download remote file using php?

Following funcion can be used to force to download remote files via curl: