WordPress: Best Plugin to improve your website speed in google

Today I wasted many hours to increase my website’s speed in google PageSpeed insights but I could not. I was in red color. But then I found following plugin that surprisingly increased my page speed. And now that website entered in Green on google:

Plugin: GZip Ninja Speed


Further I would like to share my final .htaccess file to you. May that can […]

WordPress: Best Plugins to migrate website form one hosting to another hosting

Alright! Today I found an awesome, very useful and time saving plugin that can save your a lot of time if you are willing to migrate your wordpress website from one server to remote server.

Just install this plugin: Welcome to WP Clone by WP Academy

First install this plugin in first server.

Take backup and copy url of zip file of created backup.

Install […]

PHP: how to display tweets on a webpage using php?

This simple tutorial will show how to display twitter tweets using custom php.
Step 1: Download tweet-php from whereever you want.

Step2: Add following code before the section where you want to display tweets:

After filling above fields properly you may use can fetch details as like below:


PHP: How to force user to download file using php?

Source: […]

PHP: How to compress a folder and download from server using php?

Following script was very helpful to me for compressing A folder (including all sub folders and files in it) using PHP:


WordPress: How to display custom taxonomy terms in select field in options panel of redux framework?

Its very easy to show custom taxonomies as select options list in the options panel of redux framework.

I used following paremeter to get list of custom taxonomies:


WordPress: how to add custom classes in wp_nav_menu using custom walker calass?

Sometimes we need to add custom classes in the the navigation menus created by wordpress’ function ‘wp_nav_menu’. For example we want to add custom classes for dropdown menus, in such spcific cases we there is no option to add custom class for dorpdown menu. So in that case we can use walker abstract class.
We will create a new class in […]

WordPress: How to auto include header and footer for every template in wordpress?

Put following code in functions.php to enable auto header, footer include in every custom template you will create.