MySQL: How to duplicate a row using SQL ?

Use following SQL query to duplicate any single row. Use your own field names to make this working in your case.


How to create Custom 5 Stars Rating System in WordPress?

In this article I’ll show that how to create custom 5 stars Rating system in wordpress.

I’ll create Wordpress Short Code to place rating anywhere in any post.


1- Create Directory “az_rating” in the root folder of your active theme.

2- Create rating.php in az_rating/ folder. In this file we will write all code for the forntend of the rating system. and add this […]

How to create custom widget Area in the admin Widgets page?

To create custom widget area we will need functions.php file (should be in the root directory of the theme) to add some custom code. We use wordpress filter “widgets_init”.

You can copy paste this code in your functions.php file to see results.

Result will look like in the screenshot below ( Inside the admin panel > Appearance > Widgets ):


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