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WordPress: How to display custom taxonomy terms in select field in options panel of redux framework?


Its very easy to show custom taxonomies as select options list in the options panel of redux framework.

I used following paremeter to get list of custom taxonomies:

 'fields'     => array(
                'id'          => 'slider_type',
                'type'        => 'select',
                'title'       => __( 'Select Slider for Homepage', 'redux-framework-demo' ),
                'subtitle'    => __( '' ),
                'desc'        => __( 'Above you will select the slider from the list of slider types which you created.', 'redux-framework-demo.', 'redux-framework-demo' ),
                'data'        => 'terms',
                'args'        =>  array('taxonomies'=>'slidertype', 'args'=>array('hide_empty'=>0)),