How to setup Google reCaptcha Version 2.0?

How to setup Google reCaptcha Version 2.0?


To setup Google reCaptcha oepn url and fill form as shown in the screenshot below:

After registration open newly created reCaptcha site and read the guide provided by google as shown below:


Now paste  <script src=''></script>  in <head> or anywhere before use of captcha.

And then paste  <div class="g-recaptcha" data-sitekey="6LcPQggTAAAAAAw-SQm8KTEW-N1CBuzBz_gW71UT"></div> to the place where you want to show captcha in form and obviously you will have to use tag with your own site key from google reCaptcha site.

HTML Form:  

Javascript Code:


Add following code at the end of functions.php


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