Angular.js How to remove hash from url?


.htaccess file in root directory:

In this mode you can use links without the # in HTML files

Link in Browser:

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How to Change Bootstrap Carousel Slide Speed

The speed cannot be controlled by the API. Though you can modify CSS that is in charge of that. find in the bootstrap.css file:

and change 0.6s to the time you want. You also might want to edit time in the function call below:


at bootstrap.js in function Carousel.prototype.slide. That synchronize transition and prevent slide to disapear before transition ends.

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Cordova: How to download file and get download progress?


Cordova: How to get list of all Files/Directories in a directory?

Tested in Android.

Click here for more details.

Another link Mobile File Explorer with PhoneGap/Cordova has examples. […]

Cordova: How to create directory?

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How to get Base64Image from input type file?

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How to access Query String Values using Javascript?

Following function is very useful to easily access url paramters ( query string values).

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